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Legal analysis of documents

Legal analysis of the situation and documents Each legal situation is unique, and .....

Drafting documents

There is a lot of information and many sample contracts available on the .....

Court proceedings

The court requires that documents submitted to the court meet formal requirements.....

Alternative dispute resolution

If negotiating and reaching an agreement between you and your lawyer has not helped, you may want to involve a lawyer who ....

Contact person service

Aadressi- ja kontaktisiku teenuse osutamine mitte residentidele....

Collection and enforcement services

Debt recovery, one of the oldest legal services. Judgments and .....

Representation in negotiations

I represent clients in negotiations, transactions...

Areas of activity

Contract and Debt law

Legal assistance and dispute resolution in the field of debt law is an important part of ......

Business law, Formation, acquisition and merger of companies

I advise clients on the incorporation, division, merger and liquidation of companies.....

Family law and Righ of Succession

Family law is a very specific area requiring specialised knowledge....

Labour law, Disputes before the Labour Dispute Board

I advise employees and employers and represent them in Labour Disputes Committee....

Civil procedure Administrative procedure Enforcement procedure

Represent clients in court, out-of-court and enforcement proceedings

Population and Migration law, Weapons law, permits

I advise clients on gun applications, renewals and represent clients in disputes with the Police...

Permits and licences, AML, KYC and other services

I advise on the application for various financial and business licences.....

IronLaw Law Firm

Nowadays, the need for various legal services is constantly growing and finding a competent specialist and making the right decision can be life-changing. In addition, a competent professional saves money and time.

The main objective of IronLaw is to provide the client with a definitive solution and a personalised approach, with constant communication with the client in order to provide the best possible solution and legal advice.

If you feel stuck in a complex maze of laws or need legal advice, please contact us with your concerns!

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Why choose Ironlaw OÜ law firm

Individual approach to clients

Each client's problem has its own special approach and its own way of solving it.

Finding the optimal solution

During the analysis, I determine the complexity of the problem and offer the best solution to the client.

Alternative solutions

The paths to court are long and expensive, so it is important to find a solution that is meaningful, relevant and appropriate for the client


advised client


Winning the case


Judicial proceedings

3,5 mln

Value of assets returned to the client

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